Dr Petra Rau

Aesthetic Medicine

Information regarding the Re-opening in times of COVID 19

From 11th of May 2020 my practice for aesthetic medicine will be open for you again. Of course, and as always, under the strictest hygiene measures.

For your and our safety, we adapted the practice organization to the current situation.

The practice is now, even more than before, an exclusive VIP practice, which means that each patient receives a very special and individual treatment, as there is only one patient at time.

For this reason, appointments are only made by prior arrangement, so that there is no waiting time nor contact with other patients in the waiting room.

My assistant, like myself, we wear FFP2 breathing masks, which reliably prevent virus exchange at over 95% and, as usual, we work under sterile conditions for any treatment of Botox, Hyaluronic acid, and/or Cool Sculpting.

Please note, that for safety reasons, we do not receive patients with flu-like symptoms.

I look forward welcoming you soon and to make my patients happy again.

Take care of yourselves!

With best regards

Petra Rau


We are the first Aesthetic Medicine center in Mallorca to offer the “Coolsculpting” technique for reduction of body fat.

Hyaluronic acid

Returns volume to your skin, giving a smooth and natural appearance.

Botulinum toxin

This substance of viscous and transparent texture fills the tissues, reducing the wrinkles and restoring the skin its volume, smooth and natural appearance.
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